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Professionals who have made the decision to partner with Justforex as money managers can easily handle an unlimited number of clients using the master account. All the commission will be accrued automatically which makes the process transparent and comfortable as well.

Money Manager (MM) is assigned to a specific trading account in MetaTrader where all the financial operations (deposit and withdrawal) are disabled. MM’s balance is virtual and equal to the total sum of balances on investors’ accounts. This way, MM trades on investors’ accounts in MetaTrader and manages them.


Clients who decide not to trade by themselves, but rather provide the funds to be managed by the MM will be able to check how the investment is increased through the money manager’s trading. In exchange for the management, the investor pays certain percent from the profit agreed between the parties, known as a performance fee. The investor deposits the account, however, cannot conduct any trading operations on it. Another benefit that Justforex MAM solution allows is that investor can have several accounts connected to different money managers.

How Justforex MAM works

To make it easy, let’s see the example below.

Money Manager has 4 investors – A, B, C, D.

The master account cannot be deposited. The money manager can open another account and request it to be assigned under his master account.

Each investor makes a deposit and the total virtual balance seen on the MM account is 100,000 USD.

MM opens a position that will be divided per equity ratio into investors’ accounts.

Master Account Sells 4 lots EURUSD at 1.11000 then automatically all the Investors’ accounts will see
  • Investor A = Sell 1.2 lot EURUSD 1.11000;
  • Investor B = Sell 0.2 lot EURUSD 1.11000;
  • Investor C = Sell 0.6 lot EURUSD 1.11000;
  • Investor D = Sell 2 lot EURUSD 1.11000.

Profits from closed orders are automatically distributed to original account owners (investors). As for the loss it is distributed among the funds that take part in the trading process. Which means that the investor never risks more than the sum trusted to the money manager.

The performance fee agreed between the parties is 20%, so based on the examples when the MM made 12,500 USD of total profit within the agreed period of time, the profit earned by each investor can be seen on the picture below.

MAM Scheme

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Please note! Justforex does not participate in any trading decisions made by money managers and does not make any warranties, representations, and assumes no obligations with regard to any trading strategy or performance of the chosen money manager.